Date Sheet for Category B Assistant Pharmacist Date Sheet For BSc MLT Admissions Open in BS Programs( Dental, Psychology, Health & Medicine, Nursing, Medical Technology Group


Dr. Abdul Qadeer


Currently, the Medical & Engineering Colleges in public and private sector are only focusing on traditional qualification like M.B.B.S, B.D.S & four years engineering program. Realizing the fact that there is a great dearth of technical expertise in the field of Medical & Engineering technology course. The Management of (PIMTS educational Trust Islamabad) has designed training programmers for young students in the said disciplines. All educational polices of Pakistan formulated from time to time have stressed that Curriculum development should remain and continuous process. The policies also lay great stress of shift towards purposeful Scientific and Technical Education. Consequently, Various Curriculum reforms were introduces which laid emphasis on learning of different concepts and skill by observation, exploration, experimentation and practical work i.e. Learning by doing be encouraged and opportunities for creative expression be provided to the younger. These skill -Oriented diploma/certificate level courses will also help to prepare the students to become efficient Medical Technicians / Therapists, well versed with techniques in the relevant field. (PIMTS Educational Trust Islamabad) has taken the dynamic initiative of creating opportunities for technical education in a neglected sector of Medical & Engineering Technology. In future, We envisage a long-term graduate level study programmes in the emerging disciplines with the collaboration of UGC recognized Medical & Engineering Universities. As compared with Medical/ legal Transcription courses that is totally dependent on imported lice business from USA and CANADA. The Medical & Engineering Technologies subject have there roots and wide scope within the Nation. Our hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers desperately need trained medical & Engineering Technologists.

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