Our Mission

Managing Director




To expand the precincts of Medical & Engineering Technological Comprehension through educational brilliance for greater Pakistan. Pakistan Institute of Medical Technologies & Science (PIMTS) is a leading health & Engineering Science institution in Islamabad. PIMTS enjoying a remarkable reputation and distinctive position in Islamabad by providing training in different disciplines of health science with its highest academic standards and excellence since 1999. We are proud of our highly qualified faculty with experience, dedication and professional talent. We have two campuses in Islamabad and two campuses in Hazara Division. We are dedicated to produce charismatic, vibrant, dynamic and decisive brilliance of tomorrow. It is a sincere attempt to provide a multifarious educational milieu that harmonizes technological advancements with humanistic wisdom. We care for every needs of our students to make them attain professional excellence for professional career. We are confident that our strong pillars of faith will give the nation dynamic leaders who are at the same time loving, compassionate and caring. We want to develop the character of our future leaders in a way son that they can contribute to the better prospects of Pakistan.